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South Park The Stick Of Truth Review


It’s been a long time coming. I’ve followed news of this game for some time, wondering if it would turn out to be a disaster like so many game adaptations of popular franchises before. I saw the previews, they all said great things and my hopes were high, but I was still concerned. Launch day came and I took the plunge, loading up the game, my nerves getting the better of me as I worried about my disappointment that I knew would surely hit.

So the question is, did the game meet my expectations? The answer is no, it blew them away. I quite honestly never expected a game of this quality. It’s just a must play for anyone, regardless if you’re a fan of South Park or not. It’s clever, hilarious and above all it plays well.


I don’t really know how to describe it, a side scroller, RPG with combat the resembles something from old school Final Fantasy titles. You create your character, the new kid, and embark on your journey into South Park. Your aim throughout the game is to make as many friends as possible, unlocking new abilities and levelling up as you do. You’ll find yourself in all sorts of crazy situations, exactly what you’d expect from South Park.

The combat works amazingly well. It’s simple, like I said above, working like an old Final Fantasy title but with a little more interaction. You take turns in deciding what attacks or special moves you want to use, and have to try to deflect your enemies attacks. There are a whole host of special abilities available for you to unlock and you get to select your partner to battle along side of you, all of whom have different abilities that will help to mix your battles up.

Selecting your equipment and choosing your skills is actually pretty good in South Park The Stick of Truth. I was expecting extremely weak levelling, but to be honest your skill set and load out can make all the difference in your battles. My favourite weapon was a broken bottle, you get to throw them at your enemy, grossing them out and causing them to bleed every turn. It’s random, fun and adds to the combat.


I can’t really say much about the graphics, the game looks and plays just like an episode of South Park. There are no fancy attempts to make it anything other than a long, interactive episode of the series fans have come to know and love. The fact that it feels and looks exactly like the show only adds to the hilarity.

What I liked

The attention to detail really makes this game stand out. There are so many little things that hold the entire experience together. Sound effects are obviously based on Skyrim and fit into the game so well, creating an absolutely amazing satire of the popular game franchise. Skill sets, weapons, abilities, it’s all a twisted version of games we’ve played before, and that just makes it all so much more amusing.

South Park is absolutely hilarious, but all of these little extra touches add to the entire experience. They are clever and very well thought out, turning this into a pretty good gaming experience that will keep you laughing all the way through.

What I disliked

To be honest there is nothing that I disliked about this game. The total experience was fantastic and I can’t really fault it at all!


For anyone who likes South Park, or is just up for a laugh, this is the game for you. From start to finish I was in stitches. It’s such a clever game, with absolutely absurd stories and quests, exactly what you’d expect from the creators of South Park. Above all the game plays well and is enjoyable. It’s not just a load of gimmicks thrown into a poor excuse for a game, it’s well thought out and designed exceptionally well.

I cannot fault the game. It really is a must have.

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South Park The Stick Of Truth Impressions

So I’m four hours into South Park The Stick Of Truth and so far I’m impressed. I’ve been following the news leading up to the game’s launch and was feeling pretty apprehensive about the title landing on my machine, so much promise, could it really deliver?

The short answer is yes. I know I’m only a short way into the game but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much. Transferring the style and content from the TV show, and putting it into a much longer and open-ended game experience, was always going to prove difficult. What worried me was the potential for this game to grow dull in some areas, slowing down as the player is forced to trawl through filler, repeating the same content over and over again. So far there has been nothing like this.

South Park The Stick Of Truth has nailed both the gameplay and the content. Considering this is a South Park game I was expecting relatively basic and dull gameplay, the content keeping it afloat. However the gameplay holds its own, offering a turn by turn based combat system that wouldn’t look too unfamiliar in a Final Fantasy title. I’d even go as far to say that the combat in The Stick Of Truth holds up better than a lot of other turn based combat titles I’ve played in recent years.

Exploring the town of South Park offers players a familiar setting to search, offering laughs along the way. I’ve found myself looking for all of the side quests and hidden content, checking out all of the item names I find along the way, purely because it’s all so hilarious and clever.

I’ll post my review once I’m through with the game but I can already tell you that this game is fantastic. If you’re a fan of South Park then you need this game. It really has lived up to all of its promise and potential.

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