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3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Impressions

I picked up the circle pad pro after reading some positive reviews and must admit I’m pleasantly surprised by it. One issue I have found with handheld consoles is that they just feel a bit cramped when playing. My fingers get sore after a long play through and the whole experience is uncomfortable.

The biggest win for the circle pad in my opinion isn’t the extra joy stick but the extra size. Using the DSXL in the circle pad feels right, its so incredibly comfortable. It fits my hands perfectly and makes playing for longer periods of time possible for a change. Even when I don’t need the extra controls the pad offers I leave it attached as I just cant go back to using my 3DS without it.

So touching on some of the extras the pad was intended for. The extra joystick is obviously a big win, especially in games like monster Hunter. It just adds to the experience and makes controlling the game so much easier. The shoulder buttons feel nicely spaced and the device On the whole feels responsive and premium.

I would recommend the circle pad pro to anyone. Its a fantastic add on for anyone who owns a 3DS or 3DS XL. If like myself you have large hands then this is your perfect companion for handheld gaming. Absolutely top class piece of kit.