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Blackberry Q10 Hands On

Blackberry Q10

So I’ve decided to give the Blackberry Q10 a test drive. I’ve always found Blackberry’s newest operating system to be quite intriguing and I’m not sure why. I guess it just looks clean and it also has some pretty intuitive stuff on there.

I’ll post a full review shortly but my first impressions are mixed. It’s been 24 hours and so far the battery is pretty good, hands down beating my iPhone 5S. The keyboard is lovely to use and makes me miss the good old days when there were plenty of QWERTY devices available. Where the Blackberry Q10 really falls down is apps.

Now I know you can side load Android applications onto the device but that really seems like a long winded mess. I still cannot understand why Blackberry haven’t put a huge focus on getting developers onboard with their operating system! Bribe them if you have to! Now, you don’t need an app for everything, the browser is more than capable, but at times it falls short.

So I shall continue my test drive of the unknown. It’s only fair I finally give a Blackberry device some attention rather than judging the things before I’ve even had a proper play.

Wish me luck, there is a chance one of us won’t survive this experience…