Episode One:

When Lisa Joyce sneaks out, it isn’t a boy or her friends she goes to meet, but nightmares brought to life…

In a world where monsters and demons roam the night, preying on the innocent, it is Lisa’s duty to fight the darkness. The responsibility was inherited, but even so, she can’t begin to comprehend the magnitude of the life that lies before her.

As an outsider who never quite fits in, Lisa is different. She is stronger and faster than everyone else, and her heightened senses grant her unusual abilities. They are the perfect gifts for a monster hunter, but nothing but a curse for a girl trying to find her place in high school.

When a fiend strikes Fisher Creek High, Lisa can’t help but take it personally. Things are changing, her battles evolving at an alarming rate. Something is coming, but in order to understand, Lisa needs to learn more about who and what she is…

Episode Two:

After discovering she is no longer alone in her battle against the darkness, Lisa Joyce finds herself with more unanswered
questions than ever before. Who is the man in the mask and, more importantly, is it really her duty to fight the demons?

When an unnatural cold grips Fisher Creek, all Lisa can think about is what it would be like to live a normal life, one that isn’t driven by the need to hunt down and kill monsters. An ordinary existence in which she can be happy is her greatest wish… and it just might be her town’s downfall.

Turning her back on the fight, Lisa leaves her duty to her friends. However, when a powerful demon begins killing in Fisher Creek, only the strength of the Chrysalis will do. Torn and conflicted, Lisa is forced to decide what life she will lead.

Will she choose the life of a normal girl… or will she take on the battle against evil?

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