Beyond Goodbye


Second Chance:

Second Chance .001

After her near death experience, Hannah’s life will never be the same. She is the only one who can see James, the man who saved her from certain death with his own life.

Unsure if she is losing her mind, Hannah sets out with James to discover the truth, seeking to understand why he hasn’t moved on. However, something is coming for him, or so they think.

In what soon becomes a race against time, Hannah finds herself desperately searching for a way to help James, reluctantly falling for him with each passing day, even though she knows it can never be…


From Beyond:

From Beyond

After six months of living a normal life with James, finding happiness she never thought possible, Hannah can’t help but think she has found perfection. That is until James is once again pulled into the spirit world.

Desperate to understand why he was given a second chance, James finds himself drawn into limbo, risking his soul in order to put an end to a murderous spirit’s killing spree.

Unable to turn his back on those who need him, James puts more than his own existence at stake when he ignores Hannah’s concerns… he risks losing the one person who he loves more than life itself.

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