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Review: The Witcher: Volume 1 – House Of Glass

As I opened up the book I realised I had no idea what I was going to get reading this. I’m a big fan of The Witcher and I thought that it would be a fun read, especially in the comic format.

The art style is unusual, but it works very well with the story telling and the world of The Witcher. The colours match up wonderfully with the gloomy world and really match up with the tone and atmosphere set in the games coming before this. Although some scenes seem to lack an immense amount of detail, I found it was the subtlety of the art that really helped to bring the pages to life. They didn’t need immaculately drawn characters with huge levels of detail, it just all seemed to work.

The writers have captured the character of Geralt amazingly well, spinning a new story out based around the main character. We get a glimpse into his personality and once again his cold, detached humour adds some fantastic moments. The secondary characters also add to the plot, continually adding to the readers curiosity throughout. Right up until the end I wanted to know more about these new characters and even once their stories were told I wanted more.

The story itself was good fun. Throughout it reminded me of quests you pick up while playing the game, spinning new tales, taking the reader on an adventure. I won’t go into detail as that would offer spoilers, but the story is well worth a read.

After finishing up I can safely say that this is an enjoyable read, especially if you’re a big fan of The Witcher franchise.

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