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Review: Sunvito Quick Charge 2.0 20000mAh Ultra-Slim Aluminum Intelligent Power Bank

Review: Sunvito Quick Charge 2.0 20000mAh Ultra-Slim Aluminum Intelligent Power Bank

Manufacture Description

  • Quick Charge Technology: Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices up to 75% faster than standard chargers. Also charges all non-Quick Charge TM 2.0 phones and tablets (5V / 2.4A Max)
  • Huge capacity: 20000mAh charges an iPhone 6S & 6 almost 7 times, a Galaxy S6 almost 5 times or an iPad Air more than once
  • Support Multi Voltage Outputs: Outputs 5V/2A for universal smartphone devices; Outputs 5V/2.1A for tablet devices; Outputs 5V/2.4A 9V/1.67A 12V/1.2A for compatible QC2.0 devices
  • With 4-LED battery level indicator, 100% safe circuit protection; charger automatically shuts down if short circuit or overload occurs to protect your devices
  • Big Convenience: The 3 USB output is ideal for desks and office spaces or at home in a living room so the entire family can charge


This is one of the nicest portable batteries I’ve used, with a real premium finish. I love how nice it feels and looks, the metal casing giving it a real top end look. Throw in the fact that it has such a large capacity and you’re on to a winner!

The battery has three USB ports, two that charge at the standard rate and a third (the red one) that charges at a faster rate with compatible devices. This comes in very handy if you have a compatible device, giving you a full battery on the go a lot faster. The only issue is that due to the capacity of the battery it takes a long time to charge and doesn’t support fast charging input. That would have been a great feature.

So back to the build quality. It’s a great looking device which only has a few flaws which let it down. The logo stands out and looks out of place on the otherwise minimilist finish which is a shame. I feel it would have been better positioned on one of the ends, either near the USB ports or the opposite side. Also, it picks up finger prints and small marks very easily, so I’m not sure how the premium finish will look after a while.

So, its a great looking device and feels high end. I personally prefer the more rugged portable batteries as they seem to keep on looking good for much longer, and I’m also not sure how well this one will last if it is dropped or knocked, and considering that it’s portable, that seems like something that could very well happen! Despite this however it charges devices quickly, especially if you have a compatible device for the quick charge feature.


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