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Review: Powerlead Cipo PLI006 IP Wireless Security Camera

I’ve tried out a few wireless cameras now, but this one is my favourite. It might sound like an odd thing to like, but I was really impressed by how well this stands up. It is well built and robust, with a really good base which helps keep the thing standing. I have two cats, and the previous camera I used was always knocked over by them, this however stayed standing at all times. Also, on the bottom of the base there’s a screw hole so you can attach it to the provided wall mount, or tripod (not provided)

The device looks pretty stylish and is easy to set up. You can view the video feed from an application on your smartphone or directly from your PC or laptop. The two way microphone works well, I had an awful lot of fun confusing the cats with this. It would certainly make an intruder think twice about continuing their robbery when you start speaking to them through the speaker!

The video quality is fantastic, and the addition of a night mode comes in very handy, meaning that this thing will come in handy no matter the situation.

For the price, you can’t go wrong. As mentioned, the base and durability alone had me sold, but how well it works is pretty great. This will definitely be taking place as my new camera of choice!

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