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Review: Power Inverter 300W 12V to 230V

Power Inverter 300W 12V to 230V


This is one of those products that you probably won’t find yourself needing much, but it’s more than handy when you go camping or caravanning (or finding yourself in need of charge for your Macbook in the car)

The unit feels sturdy and well made, with a durable metal shell to protect the internals. It sports two full sized USB ports, and a 3 pin plug for UK mains charging devices. This is great as it offers a huge amount of support for most things you could need when away from a mains power source.

When charging or powering whatever you’ve chosen to use, this device starts to heat up. Luckily there’s a built in fan that helps to keep the heat under control, but it is worth noting that the inverter can start to get warm relatively quickly depending on what you’ve plugged in.

Like I said at the start, you won’t find yourself using this much, but if you’re going camping, then it can come in very handy indeed!

Manufactures Description:

  • Perfect for charging a vast range of household devices and electronic devices while on the road and for camping, field work, vacations ect
  • AC Outlet: Coverts the DC 12V current from you car to AC 230V so that you can use the household devices powered by spin which are not exceed 150W during your road trip
  • 2 USB Outputs: Charge phones and tablets simultaneously at up to 4.8A
  • Comes with battery clamps and cigarette lighter adapter. It’s the essential addition to your emergency travel kit; Smart cooling fan makes it silent when using the Power Inverter
  • Package Contents: AUKEY 300W Power Inverter, Battery Clamp, Cigarette Lighter Plug, User Manual

Check it out here: Amazon UK


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