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Review: Kealive Hair Straightener Brush

Manufacture Description:

  • Comb Massage Effect: The perfect combination of traditional combs and hair straighteners, a unique contact-type anti-scald massage, effective brain scalp massage to relieve fatigue
  • Anion Hair Care Function: Straight comb release Anion in working condition and capable of forming a water molecule. So it can nourish the hair surface, repair hair, so you have a submissive straight hair
  • Precise Temperature Control: 11 stalls precise temperature control, after turn on the power 30s, it can quickly reaches the set temperature. LCD display can accurately display the current temperature. Built-in rapid heating and automatic thermostat technology, safer and more convenience
  • High-quality Materials: Use heat resisting engineering plastic materials PET/PPS/PAEE, the comb’s surface coated with heat resisting paint, smooth surface. Both inside and outside are heat resisting, throw off worrying about using too long caused heat
  • Humanized design: Wave-type handle design, the comb-tooth are is wider than ordinary comb, perm easier


This is a great bit of kit, well made and very functional. The quality feels really high end and the device itself certainly seems durable and as if it will last a long time. It has a good bit of weight behind it, and unlike some other straightening brushes I’ve been sent, it didn’t have any imperfections. The pink finish was well done and didn’t have any chips or missing patches, which is an odd thing I’ve seen on a lot of these brushes.

The device is easy to use, plug it in and let it heat up (which it does very quickly) and then begin brushing. There are two controls to allow you to increase and decrease the temperature, depending on what suits you best, and these temperatures can be locked into place by pressing the power button.

The handle of the device remained cool throughout usage, and the brush itself didn’t get super hot as it’s the pad that heats up, so you won’t have to worry about burning.

It was my wife who used the device on her hair, and she found it to be very effective, and especially liked how it made styling her hair a little easier (apparently it’s really easy to add a bit of a flick to your hair with these!)

All in all, very happy with this product, it seems well made and it does a great job styling and straightening hair. Can’t ask for much more really.


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