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Review: GoTron Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker

Review: GoTron Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker


This is a nice little compact speaker that also packs a good bit of sound. It’s nothing mind blowing, but it’s perfect if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a bit of music or radio in the shower. It also handles calls, so if you’re always on the phone you won’t need to worry about water damaging your phone! Pretty handy, although the noise of the shower could be a little off putting to the person on the other end of the line.

Design wise this is a nice speaker. It’s pretty minimal, small, and feels durable enough that if it fell it wouldn’t just smash. On the top you have all the controls you need to switch tracks, change volume, or handle calls. The charger isn’t microUSB which is a bit of a shame as it means if the included charger is lost or broken then you’ll be a little stuck. I also found that the suction cup on the back wasn’t the most reliable and the speaker would often slide down the shower.

For the price you can’t go wrong. It’s a nice bit of kit and does as advertised. A worthwhile purchase if you just want something that you can listen to when in the shower.

Manufacture Description

Sing Like Never Before
For those that like to sing a cappella in the shower, now you can invite the whole band. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a wireless speaker with superior audio playback. Easy pairing means it’s simple to connect to a wide range of Bluetooth audio devices. With a water resistant casing and extra strong suction cap, this speaker can be enjoyed in the shower, bathtub, beach, or boat.

No More Call Waiting
For those that double their phone as a music player, the speaker won’t stop you from answering calls. Rather than drown out a ringing phone, you will be greeted with an incoming call announcement. If you’re relaxing in the bath or had a dip in the pool and are too wet to answer, the built in microphone allows you to chat without getting your phone wet.

Water Resistant
While commonly used in wet areas, you will find that the silica suction cap can stick to almost any flat surface – wet or dry. As a water resistant speaker with an IPx4 rating, it is protected from small amounts of splashing water. Try it next time you’re in the shower or take it with you on your next fishing trip.

Connect and Enjoy
No wires, cables, installations, or a bulky unit, the Bluetooth Shower Speaker is small, wireless, and ready to go. Hit the pairing button and instantly connect to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3’s and MP4’s. Wireless music is just a tap away.

Package Listing
1 x SEGURO Bluetooth Shower Speaker
1 x USB to DC Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

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