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Review: Fifine Bluetooth Speaker A9

I’m not really sure what I was expecting from this speaker, but at this price point I was not expecting this! Normally around this price you get something small, that distorts at louder volumes and doesn’t have much range, so imagine my surprise when I unboxed this beasty!

The design is pretty plain, but it feels premium and well built. There’s a good bit of weight behind it and everything about it just felt good. Powering on and pairing is an absolute breeze and I was connected within seconds of hitting that power switch.

As soon as I started playing music I was pretty blown away by the quality. Although it is a little lacking in bass the louder you go, the range was fantastic, even at full volume. It easily fills a decent sized room and it doesn’t distort at louder volumes. Compared to anything else I’ve been sent, even higher priced speakers, this is the king! The sound quality is just awesome.

The ports on the back are all welcome ones. We have a memory card slot, aux in, and USB. Basically this covers every form of connection you could require. On the front there is a microphone button that allows you to handle calls through the speaker, and on top we have the usual play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and volume up and down.

The speaker is shown with the little leather strap handle. For those who aren’t a fan you can easily remove this by unscrewing the bolts on the side. It’s really easy to do and allows for that little bit of customisation.

Seriously, for this price the speaker is just superb. I’d definitely recommend this as you won’t find better unless you slash a fair bit more cash!

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