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Review: EC Technology 8-Ports 60W 12A USB Desktop Charger

I’ve used plenty of USB multi chargers and they are normally pretty average. The biggest problem I usually face is that when you start getting too many devices charging at once, charging becomes intermittent on certain devices, especially iPad’s and other tablets. I’m happy to say that with this USB charger that wasn’t the case.

This charger is pretty compact, with just the charger unit and the wire to connect it to the mains. Other devices of this nature will often come in multiple parts, or have a separate charging brick, however this device has everything built in.

Despite being plastic, the device still feels and looks good. It’s pretty nondescript, with only small blue LED’s that light up when a USB is in use. It’s not an eye sore and it’s definitely something you could have in a room without it standing out and looking ugly.

Charging time remained consistent and matched a standard mains charger, even when multiple devices were plugged in.

I tried multiple devices with this charger, including android phones, tablets, and also an iPad. Each device charged at full speed.

I would definitely recommend checking out this charger hub if you own multiple devices. It’s great quality and does a fantastic job.


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