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Review: Crenova 720P HD WIFI Home Surveillance IP Camera

Crenova Camera

Despite the fact that the instructions were very poorly written, the end result is an awesome wireless camera that I can access anywhere from my smartphone. It is small, compact, and feels very premium. At first glance I thought everything would be cheap plastic, but after unboxing it all, I was surprised to find that most of it is metal. This gives a real premium feel and also adds weight to the device so it won’t fall over all the time (mine survived two cats attacking it)

So, how easy is it to pair? Much easier than the odd instructions make out. Download the app, make sure your phone is connected to the wifi, plug the camera into the mains and make sure it’s near your router, and bam! It’s pretty much done. When you load up the app, there are some easy to follow instructions, much better than the booklet.

Once you’re paired up you can access the cameras video and audio from anywhere you have data. I accessed mine on the network, and also away from home over my mobile network. Both times everything worked fine. I could access the audio and speak through the camera (which is great for confusing my cats)

When accessing the camera you have the option to record video, or take screen shots. These can save directly to your phone, or you can save them to a memory card in the camera. There are also alarm features that work on motion, or voice. Voice comes in very handy for pet owners, as the camera will listen for human voice and alert you if it picks up on this. I don’t have to worry about the cats setting this off unlike with motion. If the alarm is triggered it will email me and I can then log in and view what is going on in the house.

For the price this is just an awesome product. It gives you peace of mind and works fantastically well. It’s also an awful lot of fun!

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