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Review: AUKEY LED Solar Wall Light Solar Lamp 38 LEDs

Manufacture Description:

  • Absolutely effortless installation: No wiring! Simply hang the lamp with the nails in the wall, or affix to any desired location, no electricity is needed! Turn on the lamp, select your desired setting, then let it shine!
  • Intelligent lighting mode: In addition to light mode, our LT-SL1 has two intelligent light modes with the built-in temperature-controlled motion: If someone is in front of the lamp, the lamp turns on automatically, or change the faint light to the light Light. Then the bright light will remain for 20 seconds.
  • Considerable energy savings: The lamp is supplied from solar energy in the daytime, you do not need to worry about power supply of the lamp. The solar panel can be efficient to collect the sunlight even it is cloudy day.
  • Powerful LED Light Group: 38 pieces of LEDs provide a reliable luminosity equal to 70-80W incandescent lamp. Enlightened around your house in the dark, it ensures your safety while nocturnal activity.
  • Highly placed protection: IP65 of dustproof and water resistant, LT-SL1 has excellent stability in continuous operation without abnormality and a longer lifespan over 50000 hours.

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This is a great little outdoor light, that delivers much more than I expected. To be honest, I always doubt how good anything solar powered is, especially here in the UK, but after only a few hours, this light had enough juice stored up to deliver.

It is well made and feels durable. The light itself won’t look out of place and is relatively compact for what it is. Included with this is a little cardboard strip, a template that helps to ensure you drill the holes in the exact place you need them. There’s no need to do any manual measurements or guesswork, which makes fitting this pretty easy.

There are three modes of lighting, the most useful being a security light that kicks in when its sensors pick up movement (a feature that works very well). It’s a very bright light, and much more impressive than I expected.

I’m really impressed with this solar light and would definitely recommend it. It’s very easy to fit, and due to the solar charging, you don’t have to worry about hooking up any power source!


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