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Review: AUKEY Condenser Microphone Studio Microphone

AUKEY Condenser Microphone Studio Microphone


Getting everything you need to either start recording Podcasts, or do something like online gaming videos, can sometimes be quite daunting. There’s often a lot of different things you’ll need to get to make sure your audio sounds great, and with this little starter kit fro. Aukey, you get everything you’ll need.

The kit is surprisingly good quality, with everything delivering where it needs to. The audio captured from the microphone was great, and everything is pretty easy to set up. I’ve tested a lot of microphones that cost the same amount as this entire kit that deliver similar audio quality, so I was pretty surprised at the performance here.

Granted, you’re not going to get pro level from this kit, but for the price you won’t find better. This really is a top bit of kit, well made, and delivers where it needs to.

Definitely worth checking this out!

Manufactures Description:

  • Professional condenser microphone: offers perfect voice clarity and high sensitivity, good fidelity, rich and full-bodied sound, but not muddy, meets the high demands of voice recording, suitable for various types of computers
  • Cardioid design: minimizes noise beside and behind, provide better isolation, not only for professional vocal studio, but used in a noisy recording environment, can be used for the individual K song, network anchors or other non-professional occasions
  • High density gilded Pop Filter: effectively banish the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds during recording
  • Metal shock mount: strong and sturdy, made by hard metal materia with elastic process design, make the structure more stable; the ball-type anti-wind foam cap can protect microphone against wind interference and singers’ spit
  • Package contents: Condenser Microphone, Adjustable Suspension Scissor Arm Stand, Table Mounting Clamp

Check it out here: Amazon Link

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