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Review: A-ZONE New Wireless Camera

Review: A-ZONE New Wireless Camera

Manufature Description:

  • 128G Supper Large local storage: Excitement of long time moment to your friends by which you can share the exciting moment to your friends and family
  • 185 degree panoramic view: Give you want to see everything.Motion Detection It supports motion detection, and can auto-capture dynamic images. After images comparing it
  • Stunning HD 720P (1280TVL) Video:High-definition image,Intelligent videoing,It supports auto-recording, and can quickly locate pictures by timeline
  • Wireless Baby Monitor:Quick WiFi, 3G or 4G network setup via iPhone or Android Smartphone using, it will help you stay connected with what you love,Video, audio, alerts on smart phone and tablets
  • Security Master mode: Make your camera more secure, the master decided to connect the camera. A-ZONE supplies Best after sales service with 90days return and 12 month free warranty.You can contact us anytime via email

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This is an absolutely awesome little camera. I really didn’t expect much from it at first, and thought it was going to be a lot larger than it is. In reality, it’s a very small and compact little device, that looks discrete and well made.

Once plugged in, I hooked it up to the wireless and downloaded the app. The viewing was unexpected, and much better than I thought it was going to be. The fisheye lens allows for the user to see a lot more of the image than most standard security cameras. If you pinch the image or video feed, you can then zoom in and pan around the image, getting a better look at whats happening. It’s hard to explain why, but I preferred this much more than having to control the camera and point it at what I wanted to view. This just seems faster and more efficient.

The camera itself is a relatively small and well made device. It is powered through microUSB so you can plug it in easily and you don’t have to rely on a charger that only works with this camera. You can also add a memory card to the device to capture and store local footage. The app allow for two way audio which is another big win.

Everything worked better than expected and I’m more than a little impressed. Well worth the money and I’d be interested to see what A-Zone’s other products are capable of!


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