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My Thoughts on The Wheel Of Time – A Memory Of Light

Now I’m a big Wheel Of Time fan. When this book hit the shelves I was there first thing when the shops opened to pick up my copy so I could get reading straight away but soon found myself disappointed.

As I read the prologue I remember thinking “wow”. It was such a great start to what was meant to be an epic conclusion to the series that I love. However my feelings of “wow” were short lived as the story began to unfold. 

I’m not sure what went wrong with this book. When I originally heard that Brandon Sanderson would be taking over the writing I remember feeling worried that the conclusion to this series would be doomed. When I heard the final book had been split into three I was devastated, seeing this as an attempt to squeeze more money from fans. However the first two books Sanderson wrote were pretty good. In fact I loved them.

When reading the finale I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that it felt like fan fiction. The writing style drove me insane and I actually had to force myself to carry on reading. If this wasn’t the conclusion to something I had invested so much time in to then I would have put the book down and let it gather dust.

It seemed as though every page shifted to another character. This is no exaggeration. You are never granted enough time with one character to fully get into the story or what they are doing. During the space of a chapter the perspective would shift between characters so frequently that I found myself getting bored by every single one and frustrated at the lack of flow. The rare occasions when a character would get a couple of pages were enjoyable but the overall style was just terrible.

Half way through the book and the epic last battle begins and that feeling of “wow” kicks back in. The problem is you’re faced with a chapter that lasts for about 30% of the entire book and the last battle takes up 49% of it and once again is told from every single character whoever had a name in this series’ perspective. It gets old fast. Characters who I scarcely remember are suddenly back, all in the last battle and they all have something to say. It felt like fan fiction. An over enthusiastic fan thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool if they were suddenly there? Oh and them! Them too!!”

It got to the stage where important characters start getting killed off and because they have only had about one page of coverage in this book you literally don’t care about them. The frequent changes in perspective meant you no longer felt attached to the majority of the characters.

Now what really wound me up was the ending. I won’t spoil it for anyone but theres a tiny handful of pages dedicated to rounding off the characters we know and love. It was very unsatisfactory. In fact it was downright terrible. There’s a big build up to a twist that lasts two pages, some ethical dilemma then bam its over. We get about half a page dedicated to our main characters and then the book ends with what can only be described as a cheesy ending.

So to sum up it was just disappointing. There were a few moments of great in this book. Androl and Pevera somehow were my favourite characters as they seemed to have the most amount of time dedicated to them which is bizarre but hey! Of course the book is worth a read if you’ve followed the series, everyone wants to know how it ends. I’m just not sure what on earth went wrong with this book and it’s a real shame that what should have been a masterpiece was far from it.

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on The Wheel Of Time – A Memory Of Light

  1. I think the problem with something like this is that no ending would ever be good enough, much like Lost, most people h8 the ending but would ave been equally as unhappy with any other one.
    Keep in mind as well BS didnt wrtite the ending RJ had already done that! I personally loved the book, but still felt a tad unstisfied at the end, however that was simply due to the amount that could be done with this world if only RJ had had more time to do so!

  2. I suppose at the end of the day Robert Jordan wanted to write the final parts and we can’t really hold it against him for not fleshing it out, time wasn’t on his side. It was still an enjoyable read and you’re right, I’d have no doubt been disappointed regardless of how it ended.

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