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Free eBook on Amazon!

I’ve recently opted in to Amazon’s KDP Select programme and this weekend is the first promotion! So what does that mean for everyone? Well it means you can grab yourselves a copy of my first novel, A Thousand Hearts – Rebirth, absolutely free of charge! The promotion will last until tomorrow evening so spread the word. Would love to power through the Amazon rankings this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy!

Check out the blurb below:

For some, death is the end. For others, such as Michael Nolan, death is only the beginning. Reborn into a world unlike any he could have dreamed of, Michael is thrust into The Guild—an elite squadron of supernatural beings. They are the guardians of the modern world and the only thing standing between peace and chaos.

Struggling to come to terms with the loss of his previous life, and to understand his new powers, Michael is forced to adapt quickly when The Guild is betrayed and comes under attack from within.

With time against them, Michael and his allies set out to discover the identity of the traitor before The Guild is destroyed and the world is left unprotected. However, when the one person Michael loves becomes a target, he is left with a difficult decision…

Should he defend the woman he loves or stand by his allies?

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