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Chrysalis Blooms: Episode 3 – Smoke and Mirrors, Available Now!

Well it feels like a long time coming, but after years of dragging my feet I’m back on track. The first of my releases is the follow up to the first two episodes of Chrysalis Blooms. Smoke and Mirrors is now live and available on Amazon, links below.

This is just the first release that will be coming over the next few months, with the next three episodes already complete!

I really hope you enjoy and appreciate your patience!

Spread the word and share this post, but above all, enjoy the next chapter!

Amazon UK

Amazon US

More about Chrysalis Blooms:

When Lisa Joyce sneaks out, it isn’t a boy or her friends she goes to meet, but nightmares brought to life…

In a world where monsters and demons roam the night, preying on the innocent, it is Lisa’s duty to fight the darkness. The responsibility was inherited, but even so, she can’t begin to comprehend the magnitude of the life that lies before her.

As an outsider who never quite fits in, Lisa is different. She is stronger and faster than everyone else, and her heightened senses grant her unusual abilities. They are the perfect gifts for a monster hunter, but nothing but a curse for a girl trying to find her place in high school.

When the demon realm of Netharia and the mortal realm collide, it’s down to Lisa to solve the mystery before it’s too late. With the monsters roaming free in Fisher Creek, Lisa soon finds herself alone against the hordes, her friends trapped beyond the veil, lost in another world.

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