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Review: Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera

This is by far the nicest IP camera I have used. It looks fantastic, and the matte rubberised texture feels great and helps the camera to just blend into the background. It’s not overly large, small enough to avoid notice, but it has a good bit of weight behind it and its sturdy with a firm base to sit on. I especially like the fact that it has a screw in the bottom to allow for mounting onto a tripod or stand, one of which is included in the box (stand/mount)

Pairing the device up is very simple, download the Amcrest Pro app, scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera, and you’re ready to go. It’s really simple and the instructions are very clear. There’s a lot of features within the app, allowing users to customise their camera and how it performs. You can set alarm and motion detectors, and set up things like push notifications. This is great if you’re looking for something to notify you when something off is detected within your home.

Streaming and recording quality is top of the range. The device tops out at 1080 at 30 fps when streaming and recording which is great. Logging in to see what the camera could see always gave fantastic results due to the high quality. The larger quality in resolution compared to other IP cameras I have used allows for more flexibility in zooming in on certain areas. Also, the camera has a very good wide eye lens so even when zoomed in, you’ve got a pretty good field of view to play with.

Despite having a larger resolution, the camera is still very responsive when panning and tilting. I found that it streamed almost instantly and I was able to control it without any lag. This is handy if you’re looking around and you want it to be quick.

The device also supports a two way talk function which is surprisingly loud and clear. This is a great fantastic feature for deterring intruders after they’ve been detected as you have the ability to capture the images and footage you need, then warn them that they have been discovered and should leave. It’s also a great feature for driving my cats and wife wild!

The camera also features a Micro SD card slot, allowing you to record video to the card and play it back later. This is a useful feature if you can’t keep an eye on the footage throughout the day. It also includes night-vision which is surprisingly good quality!

My only gripe with the camera is that it doesn’t support Apple Homekit, or at least I didn’t find any support during my usage. Hopefully that might change with iOS 10 coming soon as I’d love to have support for my Apple Watch.

All in all this is a fantastic bit of kit with plenty of uses. The quality, both video and audio is extremely high end, so it allows for more versatile uses. I’d definitely recommend this camera.


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Review: AUKEY LED Solar Wall Light Solar Lamp 38 LEDs

Manufacture Description:

  • Absolutely effortless installation: No wiring! Simply hang the lamp with the nails in the wall, or affix to any desired location, no electricity is needed! Turn on the lamp, select your desired setting, then let it shine!
  • Intelligent lighting mode: In addition to light mode, our LT-SL1 has two intelligent light modes with the built-in temperature-controlled motion: If someone is in front of the lamp, the lamp turns on automatically, or change the faint light to the light Light. Then the bright light will remain for 20 seconds.
  • Considerable energy savings: The lamp is supplied from solar energy in the daytime, you do not need to worry about power supply of the lamp. The solar panel can be efficient to collect the sunlight even it is cloudy day.
  • Powerful LED Light Group: 38 pieces of LEDs provide a reliable luminosity equal to 70-80W incandescent lamp. Enlightened around your house in the dark, it ensures your safety while nocturnal activity.
  • Highly placed protection: IP65 of dustproof and water resistant, LT-SL1 has excellent stability in continuous operation without abnormality and a longer lifespan over 50000 hours.

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This is a great little outdoor light, that delivers much more than I expected. To be honest, I always doubt how good anything solar powered is, especially here in the UK, but after only a few hours, this light had enough juice stored up to deliver.

It is well made and feels durable. The light itself won’t look out of place and is relatively compact for what it is. Included with this is a little cardboard strip, a template that helps to ensure you drill the holes in the exact place you need them. There’s no need to do any manual measurements or guesswork, which makes fitting this pretty easy.

There are three modes of lighting, the most useful being a security light that kicks in when its sensors pick up movement (a feature that works very well). It’s a very bright light, and much more impressive than I expected.

I’m really impressed with this solar light and would definitely recommend it. It’s very easy to fit, and due to the solar charging, you don’t have to worry about hooking up any power source!


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Review: A-ZONE New Wireless Camera

Review: A-ZONE New Wireless Camera

Manufature Description:

  • 128G Supper Large local storage: Excitement of long time moment to your friends by which you can share the exciting moment to your friends and family
  • 185 degree panoramic view: Give you want to see everything.Motion Detection It supports motion detection, and can auto-capture dynamic images. After images comparing it
  • Stunning HD 720P (1280TVL) Video:High-definition image,Intelligent videoing,It supports auto-recording, and can quickly locate pictures by timeline
  • Wireless Baby Monitor:Quick WiFi, 3G or 4G network setup via iPhone or Android Smartphone using, it will help you stay connected with what you love,Video, audio, alerts on smart phone and tablets
  • Security Master mode: Make your camera more secure, the master decided to connect the camera. A-ZONE supplies Best after sales service with 90days return and 12 month free warranty.You can contact us anytime via email

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This is an absolutely awesome little camera. I really didn’t expect much from it at first, and thought it was going to be a lot larger than it is. In reality, it’s a very small and compact little device, that looks discrete and well made.

Once plugged in, I hooked it up to the wireless and downloaded the app. The viewing was unexpected, and much better than I thought it was going to be. The fisheye lens allows for the user to see a lot more of the image than most standard security cameras. If you pinch the image or video feed, you can then zoom in and pan around the image, getting a better look at whats happening. It’s hard to explain why, but I preferred this much more than having to control the camera and point it at what I wanted to view. This just seems faster and more efficient.

The camera itself is a relatively small and well made device. It is powered through microUSB so you can plug it in easily and you don’t have to rely on a charger that only works with this camera. You can also add a memory card to the device to capture and store local footage. The app allow for two way audio which is another big win.

Everything worked better than expected and I’m more than a little impressed. Well worth the money and I’d be interested to see what A-Zone’s other products are capable of!


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Review: SEGURO® Mini M8S


Manufacture Description

  • Google Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, the newest generation of multimedia player. Preconfigured with the latest XBMC/KODI 16.0, hundreds of free streaming add-ons available
  • Cut your monthly TV subscription and enjoy FREE Movies, shows and live entertainment from all over the world including sports. No restrictions! Forget the limitations and necessary payments by using Apple TV or ROKU! Android on your TV. Install your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. Thousands of apps are compatible with the Mini M8S Smart TV BOX, just like your phone or tablet.
  • The CPU is THE NEWEST Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 up to 2GHz, up to 2.0 GHZ, is way ahead in image processing and computing. Its high machine configuration and 2G RAM,8G eMMC Flash 8GB gives you ultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability. Awesome home theater and gaming experiences.
  • Hundreds of free streaming add-ons available for KODI 16.0 online, SAVE your money for paying cable, satellite or whatsoever. Preinstalled Kodi(XBMC). Preconfigured with the latest XBMC/KODI, it allows you to download numerous add-ons, like Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and you also can play thousands of android games in a large screen smoothly. Install your favorite apps and enjoy advanced technology.
  • Built for Entertainment, Home Theater, Business Meeting, Office Work, etc,to share with friends, Your movies, TV Shows, Mofusic all at your fingertips. Online forums, tutorials, and videos are plenty. You want a TV media player to do exactly what you need and something less will just ruin the whole experience

Well this is probably the smallest Android TV box I’ve used to date. It’s slim and compact, and looks good. It has two full sized USB ports, one on the side, and one on the back, along with ethernet, HDMI, optical out.

Included with the package was a standard IR remote, but also a wireless keyboard remote. The keyboard remote is very nice. It fits in my hands nicely, and the qwerty keyboard comes in very handy when entering passwords etc. Combine the fact that it has a mouse trackpad built in, then things become so much easier for navigating. The keyboard also has a dongle included so you can use it with other devices, not just the TV box. My only issue with the keyboard is that it uses Mini USB for charging which is a real shame considering that Micro seems to be the standard.

The TV box itself is very easy to navigate. Like most boxes now it comes with a much more intuitive, TV OS, and no longer resembles a phone OS blown up onto your TV. This makes navigating menus much easier, but it also leads to a much better experience in applications. Things like Kodi and Netflix ran amazingly well, and the power behind this box is really impressive.

Picture quality was fantastic and looked great on my TV. I couldn’t find anything wrong with the image quality, and audio and video always stayed in sync.

I’d highly recommend this TV box. It is a great alternative to more expensive models available on the market.

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Review: Amcrest HDSeries 720P WiFi Security Camera


  • Stunning Full HD 720PVideo at 30fps. Record and Playback via local microSD Card, Amcrest or ONVIF NVR, FTP Upload, and Blue Iris. Amcrest Cloud Video Recording Service Available
  • Quick WiFi Setup via iPhone or Android Smartphone using the Amcrest View App (Included). Seamlessly Stream Video and Two Way Audio Directly to Your Smartphone, Tablet, Apple Mac or Windows PC
  • Remarkable Field of View with Super Wide 85 degree Viewing Angle, Remote Pan/Tilt, Intelligent Digital Zoom, and IR LED Night Vision Up to 32 feet.
  • Stay in Touch with Two Way Talk, Intelligent Motion Alerts, Email Alerts/Snapshots as well as Mobile and Web Apps (Safari, Firefox, IE Supported – Chrome Supported on Amcrest Cloud).
  • Features Sony image sensor and Ambarella processor. All cameras CE and FCC certified with UL compliant, 10-foot power supplies. Full 1-Year UK Warranty and Lifetime Support Provided Directly from Amcrest.


This is a lovely, compact, and smart looking security camera. It’s a good blend of neutral colours, and won’t look out of place in most households.

Setting up the camera is pretty easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone or web apps through your internet browser, then you’re pretty much ready to go. The features that I found really handy were the email alerts which were easy to set up. If the camera detected anything, then I got an alert on my phone via email, clicked the app, and then I could check out what the camera was able to see.

Quality of the video and audio is surprisingly good and the wide angle lens is a great feature as it means you won’t have to move the camera too much in order to see what’s going on at your premises. Granted, you can control the camera wirelessly, but the field of view is good enough to not really need this feature. Throw in the night vision then you’ve got the perfect combination of viewing features. Viewing in low light and dark situations is surprisingly good and the quality of the picture is more than viewable.

You have the option to talk through the camera using the built in mic and speaker. This is great for warning anyone who has broken in that you have alerted the authorities, but its handy for listening for intruders. Also, if like myself you have animals that you want to check in on you can give them a call and watch them come running!

This is a good quality camera and comes in at a reasonable price. It looks great, but it has all the functionality that you could possibly need.

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Review: Powerlead Cipo PLI006 IP Wireless Security Camera

I’ve tried out a few wireless cameras now, but this one is my favourite. It might sound like an odd thing to like, but I was really impressed by how well this stands up. It is well built and robust, with a really good base which helps keep the thing standing. I have two cats, and the previous camera I used was always knocked over by them, this however stayed standing at all times. Also, on the bottom of the base there’s a screw hole so you can attach it to the provided wall mount, or tripod (not provided)

The device looks pretty stylish and is easy to set up. You can view the video feed from an application on your smartphone or directly from your PC or laptop. The two way microphone works well, I had an awful lot of fun confusing the cats with this. It would certainly make an intruder think twice about continuing their robbery when you start speaking to them through the speaker!

The video quality is fantastic, and the addition of a night mode comes in very handy, meaning that this thing will come in handy no matter the situation.

For the price, you can’t go wrong. As mentioned, the base and durability alone had me sold, but how well it works is pretty great. This will definitely be taking place as my new camera of choice!

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Review: Bluetooth Transmitter, Syllable E3 A2DP

Ok, this is one of those devices that you don’t realise you need until you have it. When I was offered it for review I thought I’d give it a go, but I didn’t really know how I’d use it. To be honest, I expected the box to be large, but it’s absolutely tiny and also has a built in battery, making it portable.

The biggest use I’ve found for mine is pairing up my Nintendo 2DS with a pair of bluetooth headphones. It works perfectly. Literally plug it into the headphone jack on the 2DS, fire up your bluetooth headphones and start playing. It really is simple.

I wondered how hard it would be to pair this device with bluetooth headphones but found it to be extremely simple. All you need to do is turn it on and then turn your headphones on. One thing to consider is you must make sure your headphones aren’t paired with anything else otherwise the device will not pair up.

This is an awesome little device, well made, compact, and portable. The audio is clear and lag free, and I’m already surprised by how much I’ve used it. A very handy little gadget indeed!

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Review: Crenova 720P HD WIFI Home Surveillance IP Camera

Crenova Camera

Despite the fact that the instructions were very poorly written, the end result is an awesome wireless camera that I can access anywhere from my smartphone. It is small, compact, and feels very premium. At first glance I thought everything would be cheap plastic, but after unboxing it all, I was surprised to find that most of it is metal. This gives a real premium feel and also adds weight to the device so it won’t fall over all the time (mine survived two cats attacking it)

So, how easy is it to pair? Much easier than the odd instructions make out. Download the app, make sure your phone is connected to the wifi, plug the camera into the mains and make sure it’s near your router, and bam! It’s pretty much done. When you load up the app, there are some easy to follow instructions, much better than the booklet.

Once you’re paired up you can access the cameras video and audio from anywhere you have data. I accessed mine on the network, and also away from home over my mobile network. Both times everything worked fine. I could access the audio and speak through the camera (which is great for confusing my cats)

When accessing the camera you have the option to record video, or take screen shots. These can save directly to your phone, or you can save them to a memory card in the camera. There are also alarm features that work on motion, or voice. Voice comes in very handy for pet owners, as the camera will listen for human voice and alert you if it picks up on this. I don’t have to worry about the cats setting this off unlike with motion. If the alarm is triggered it will email me and I can then log in and view what is going on in the house.

For the price this is just an awesome product. It gives you peace of mind and works fantastically well. It’s also an awful lot of fun!

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Review: VicTsing Quad Core Android Smart TV Box

Victsing Quad Core Android TV

So here’s an interesting device. With the smart TV market heating up, there are more and more devices finding their way into consumers hands. Of course we’ve all heard of the big brands like the Amazon Fire TV, and the Apple TV, so what room does that leave for other, smaller, brands?

Well, apparently there is room! I personally use an Amazon TV box and I love it, so when I booted this device up I had some pretty high expectations. The first thing that struck me was the custom launcher installed on the device, something that I didn’t expect to find. I thought it would just ship with plain old Android, making it difficult to use as a TV box, but the custom launcher makes using this with a remote an absolute breeze.

The box comes pre-loaded with media streaming apps such as Netflix and there are plenty more available from the Google Play store (a bit of advice, when I first logged into the Play Store it didn’t work, however once I updated it, it worked perfectly).

Content looked great when streamed from Netflix, with sound and picture quality rivaling the big names, and having access to the Google Play Store gives users a huge range of content. Basically, if you can get something on your phone then you’ll find it on this device.

There are some issues with this device, but they are to be expected at such a low price. First thing, and it’s not a huge gripe, but the box itself is incredibly light, to the point that if you knock a cable it will go flying. The remote it comes packaged with needs clear line of sight, we really are talking direct line with no obstacles. I thought the remote had stopped working, but it was just not pointed direct at the box.

To be honest this is worth checking out. Granted, the user interface isn’t quite as nice as the big name TV boxes out there, but for the price you can’t go wrong. If all you’re after is streaming TV and Movies to your big screen then this is worth giving a go. The cons are relatively minimal, and there really are plenty of great points!

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