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Review: APIE Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Portable Wireless Speakers

Manufacture Description

  • 2000mAH capacity, up to 6-8 hours play time. Great mini USB charging port, which can be charged by power bank anywhere in emergency
  • Enjoy crisp, clear audio with impressive volume powered by 5W driver. Hear the soaring highs and deep lows of all your favorite tracks, excellent listening enjoyment
  • speaker size is 4.8*4.4*2.36 inches and weight is only 13.75 ounces, you can carry it with you easily at anytime and anywhere, especially when you out for bike riding, beach, camping or indoor for shower.
  • Adopt IP65 rated dustproof and waterproof technology design, with seamless surface treatment; it will be a water resistant, dustproof speaker, perfect for outdoor party, camping, poolside, shower, beach etc.
  • APIE Bluetooth waterproof speaker, micro usb charging cable, 3.5mm aux-in audio cable and user manual


This is an awesome little speaker. Great quality audio, but also very rugged. It’s a bit of a beast, but then what can you expect from something like this? Straight away to look at it looks great. A big chunky beast that reminds me of a G-Shock watch.

The fact that it’s water resistant makes it a great partner for those who want music or calls on the go in situations where it’s going to get duty, muddy, or just wet. The hard plastic is really easy to wipe clean, and because of its water resistance you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged.

I found that the bluetooth connection was very reliable, handling calls and audio without interruption.

The device itself has most controls you could need built in, so you can control your music and calls without having to take your phone out. It also has a screw on the bottom so you can mount this on a tripod which is a nice little feature.

Despite its size and ruggedness this thing also delivers fantastic sound quality. The audio was great and it handled a fantastic range, including delivering great bass.

All in all this is a superb speaker.

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Review: AUAUA iPad Mini 4 Case, iPad Mini 4 Leather Case With Smart Cover Auto Sleep/Wake

AUAUA iPad Mini 4 Case, iPad Mini 4 Leather Case With Smart Cover Auto Sleep/Wake

Manufacture Description

  • Automatic adsorption after closing, easy&convenient to use, while solving the WIFI signal problems of traditional magnetic button impact .
  • External high-quality leather, delicate texture, screen protection with more effective internal flocking lining.
  • 1MM spacing between the leather edge and the liner , effective buffer drop damage, better protection for the iPad mini 4.
  • Upgrade the pressure-process of iPad mini 4 case, using explosion-proof voltage processing technology, the wear resistance is improved , and the durability is increased by 6 times.
  • Automatically wake/put to sleep your iPad mini 4 ,use more convenient, more power saving. High quality heat dispersing materials, effectively alleviate heating phenomenon of the iPad.


The good points are how it looks. I love the look, with the red strip on the front and the small silver strip towards the top. Design wise it looks great. The exterior case feels durable and hard waring, and will definitely protect the iPad. It also doubles up as a stand, and there are two angles provided which both work well, offering a stable base for the iPad when it is kept upright. Finally, it locks and unlocks the iPad when flipped open or closed.

So those are some of the good bits, but the problem is, it’s not overly great to use and makes the iPad almost difficult to hold. The front part of the case doesn’t fold into a triangle grip like most cases for the mini do which is really disappointing. This wouldn’t be the hugest issue if the back of the case just folded flat when flipped over, but because it’s designed to allow the iPad movement to become a stand, the case will often move too much while you try and hold it.

I mentioned that the front flap of the case feels very durable which is great, but it’s less impressive inside. The plastic that grips the iPad seems like it’s almost too small, only gripping the lower half of the bezel at the top and bottom. This leaves the screen edge, and the top of the bezel completely exposed, so if you drop it, well, there’s no protection. It also makes using the power key very awkward because of its positioning.

So, as I mentioned, it looks great, but doesn’t perform as well which is a real shame.

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Review: Amazing LED Space Grey Bluetooth Speaker by Findyouled

Amazing LED Space Grey Bluetooth Speaker by Findyouled

Manufacture Description

  • 【Awesome】Findyouled Bluetooth speaker with HD HIFI sound quality. Engineered with 3D dynamic sound technology, hundred times of tests to find suitable material for cone diaphragm. Standard sub-woofer structured with 2 passive radiators in uni-body and LED colourful flashing lights follow the music.
  • 【Convenient】Wireless and compact, automatically connect to the last-connected device, so you can listen to the voice of the world anytime and anywhere.
  • 【Fast recharge】With (2 x 3W) Built-in large-capacity Lithium Rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of non-stop music at 80% volume. Recharge in just 5 hours using the original DC 5V external power / data line interface (1M 3.28Ft long).
  • 【Functional】Streaming music via Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, FM Radio,φ3.5 audio input interface (0.5M 1.64ft long),TF card or USB flash drive. Compatible with all AUX device no matter has Bluetooth technology or not. Outstanding connection range of up to 10M 32.8Ft.
  • 【Life span】Over 20,000 hours life which keep on going with the included rechargeable battery. If any problem, feel free to contact us, our customer service and tech support will always here for you.


This is a really impressive little speaker. It comes extremely well packaged in a lovely little box and the first thing that struck me after I unboxed it was how nice it looked. The whole thing is finished off in a nice metal design with hard edges and smart looking features all around it. Despite the premium finish, it doesn’t feel too heavy.

Starting the device up is extremely simple. I powered it on and immediately it went into bluetooth pairing mode. I searched for it using my iPhone and it connected quickly and I was able to play music in less than a minute of unboxing it. Next to the power button you’ll also find an AUX jack, so you can plug in devices that don’t support bluetooth.

The sound quality is really good. The device can get very loud and doesn’t distort at higher volumes. Although the bass is’t mind blowing, it is much better than I would expect from a speaker at this price point, delivering a really high quality sound.

Another feature of this speaker is the LED’s. At first I thought I was doing something wrong, expecting the front to light up, but it seems to be on the reverse panel where the light show takes place. This is pretty fun and the lights are bright and the colours strong.

All in all this is a really impressive speaker, and at this price point it’s an absolute bargain!

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Review: Sunvito Quick Charge 2.0 20000mAh Ultra-Slim Aluminum Intelligent Power Bank

Review: Sunvito Quick Charge 2.0 20000mAh Ultra-Slim Aluminum Intelligent Power Bank

Manufacture Description

  • Quick Charge Technology: Quick Charge 2.0 compatible devices up to 75% faster than standard chargers. Also charges all non-Quick Charge TM 2.0 phones and tablets (5V / 2.4A Max)
  • Huge capacity: 20000mAh charges an iPhone 6S & 6 almost 7 times, a Galaxy S6 almost 5 times or an iPad Air more than once
  • Support Multi Voltage Outputs: Outputs 5V/2A for universal smartphone devices; Outputs 5V/2.1A for tablet devices; Outputs 5V/2.4A 9V/1.67A 12V/1.2A for compatible QC2.0 devices
  • With 4-LED battery level indicator, 100% safe circuit protection; charger automatically shuts down if short circuit or overload occurs to protect your devices
  • Big Convenience: The 3 USB output is ideal for desks and office spaces or at home in a living room so the entire family can charge


This is one of the nicest portable batteries I’ve used, with a real premium finish. I love how nice it feels and looks, the metal casing giving it a real top end look. Throw in the fact that it has such a large capacity and you’re on to a winner!

The battery has three USB ports, two that charge at the standard rate and a third (the red one) that charges at a faster rate with compatible devices. This comes in very handy if you have a compatible device, giving you a full battery on the go a lot faster. The only issue is that due to the capacity of the battery it takes a long time to charge and doesn’t support fast charging input. That would have been a great feature.

So back to the build quality. It’s a great looking device which only has a few flaws which let it down. The logo stands out and looks out of place on the otherwise minimilist finish which is a shame. I feel it would have been better positioned on one of the ends, either near the USB ports or the opposite side. Also, it picks up finger prints and small marks very easily, so I’m not sure how the premium finish will look after a while.

So, its a great looking device and feels high end. I personally prefer the more rugged portable batteries as they seem to keep on looking good for much longer, and I’m also not sure how well this one will last if it is dropped or knocked, and considering that it’s portable, that seems like something that could very well happen! Despite this however it charges devices quickly, especially if you have a compatible device for the quick charge feature.


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Review: DBPOWER DPI Gaming Mouse, LED Optical 7 Buttons USB Wired Game Mice

Review: DBPOWER DPI Gaming Mouse, LED Optical 7 Buttons USB Wired Game Mice

Manufacture Description

  • USB plug and play, 7 buttons with 3D anti-skid scroll wheel. 1.6m braided cable with anti magnetic interference, strong stability.
  • 4 Mode Adjustable DPI Switch 800/1200/1600/2400, 5050 IC. 7 buttons design with DPI button and forward/backward button, quickly set the role of skills in your game.
  • Ergonomically designed, large non-slip wheel, rubber and dents design surface, perfect fit and more comfortable for gaming. Built-in memory storage chip if you have used in your device.
  • Built-in LED system, green / blue / red / purple 4 colors lights, gaming experience more immersive at night in a dark environment.
  • This gaming mouse helps you to control the mouse’s speed and sensitivity to break the new record. We provide 24 months warranty and 30 days refund or replacement service.


For a cheap mouse, this is surprisingly nice. It’s fast and responsive, and oddly comfortable to use. My first thought was that it was too big, but after a little bit of use I found that to be a massive benefit, allowing for me to have a more relaxed gaming session.

Due to it’s size, it benefits massively from longer mouse buttons on both the left and right click. This is handy as you can pretty much click with any part of your finger, giving you a faster response time, but more importantly, you don’t have to grip it in a claw like hold.

I like the positioning of the extra buttons, which again sit nicely within a quick press. Granted, it doesn’t have many buttons, but the ones that it does have are all within easy reach and again allow for a more relaxed grip. It also has dedicated buttons to allow users to change the mouse sensitivity on the fly which comes in very handy for FPS games.

The cord is very well made and feels more durable than any other mouse cord I’ve had before. It’s braided and certainly feels like it will last a long time!

So, it doesn’t have a huge array of buttons and does lack some features of top end gaming mice, but for this price it’s pretty much unbeatable! It’s the ideal gaming mouse for someone new to PC gaming or who is just after throwing together a cheaper gaming set up.

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Review: GranVela® Conch In-ear Headphones High Resolution Dual Co-Axial Drivers Earbuds with Microphone

Manufacture Description

  • Ergonomic Design: The Conch Uses Super-soft Anti-Bacteria Silicone Gel Ear tips Provides Very Comfortable Wearing. No falling-off Fitting-In-Ear Shape,ideal for Running , Gym and Outdoors.
  • Co-Axial Drivers: Hi Resolution Sound comes from Dual Co-Axial Moving Coil Drivers. Balanced Bass and Dynamic Treble Are Suitable For All Your Musics.
  • Protecting Better: Half-inside-Ear Design Transmits More Comfortable Sound Pressure to Your Ears and Protects Your Ears Better.
  • Full Compatible Volume Control: In-line Volume Control Is Compatible with IOS, Android OS and Windows.
  • Packed with 3 Different Size Silicon Ear Tips and a Nice Earphones Bag.


These headphones are pretty unique in their look, with a slightly see-through design and larger bud than what I’m used to. At first glance I wasn’t too sure how comfortable they would be, but after popping them into my ears I was surprised by how well they fit. The design really helps to make them stay put unlike other earbuds that you just ram into your ears. The larger part at the back, closest to the headphones, presses nicely against my ear, helping it to keep it in place.

The fact that they fit so well really makes them sound even better. The sound quality is already good, but with them staying put snuggly in my ear means this is emphasized even more.

On the small control panel you’ve also got a microphone which works really well. I tested a few calls on these and the persons voice came out loud and clear and they could hear me perfectly fine even when I was outside. They work very well for call handling as well as music.

Included in the box is a nice pouch with a magnetic clasp that holds it closed. At first, it can be a little tight, but if you press down on each end then it will just pop open. It seems well made and will help to keep the headphones from getting tangled up with anything else in your bag.

The headphones themselves look really nice. They are smooth white with a small disc in the middle with a bird logo. Near the bud the plastic is see-through which is pretty nice.

These headphones are much better than I expected. Top class sound for both music and voice and they are so incredibly comfortable!

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Review: BC Master 34.5W Dual Port USB Mobile Phone Charger with Qualcomm Quick Charge

BC Master Review

Manufacture Description

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0: Up to 4X faster than standard chargers, able to charge compatible devices to 80% in just 35 minutes,it is also compatible with QC 2.0&1.0 devices.
  • Fast Charge: Compatible with all versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology (Red port). Can also provide fastest possible charge for non-Quick Charge devices via the TI Smart port up to 3A (Both ports).
  • Travel Ready: Foldable plug, compact size and international compatibility (100-240V) make it ideal for taking away with you.
  • Safe and Durable: BC Master’s MultiProtect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.
  • You Get: BC Master 34.5W Dual Port Mobile Wall Charger,3.3ft 20AWG Micro USB Cable(thick), Instruction manual,24-month Warranty.


Anyone who has multiple gadgets will know the pain of having to find extra plugs to get their devices charged. With this wall adapter you’ll get to double up on the amount of USB ports available, which comes in massively handy for those with more than one device.

The thing that I really like about this plug is the fact that it’s relatively small and compact when compared to other devices. Normally these are connected by a cable to a USB hub, and often offer more than two USB ports, but this thing is pretty neat and tidy and plugs direct into the mains. Granted, it doesn’t give as many ports as some other devices, but it does take up a lot less space.

It’s well made and feels pretty solid. The black is matte and is easy to wipe clean if it gets mucky. Included in the box you’ll also get a spare Micro USB cable.

Charge times are good, giving me similar charge times to the standard Apple chargers with my iPhones, but then there’s the fast charging port which worked perfectly with my Android devices.

The only flaw with this is that it does protrude quite a lot from the wall and I also wish you could pivot it so that you could either have it in a portrait or landscape rotation to help provide a better fit.

All in all a fantastic little charger.

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Review: ActionPie Qi Wireless Power Bank Dual USB Portable 12000mAH

Manufacture Description

  • ActionPie Rapid and Smart Charging: Each of the two USB ports automatically detects optimal charging speed for Android or Apple devices, with the included 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro-USB charging cable. Rapid and Smart Charging: Each of the two USB ports automatically detects optimal charging speed for Android or Apple devices, with the included 2-in-1 Lightning + Micro-USB charging cable.
  • Support synchronous wired and wireless charging: add a built-in 5 v 1 a and a built-in support 5 v 2.1 a USB output port cable charging smartphone devices, with wireless charging can at the same time operating three machines at the same time.
  • Quality Assurance and Satisfaction Guarantee: Certified by FCC, CE and RoHS for quality and safety, and backed by 1-year warranty
  • Auto-off preserves battery charge. Digital display indicates exact level of charge. Perfect battery pack for everyday use, travel, camping or hiking, emergencies, commuters and families.


This is a nifty little portable battery, especially if you have a device capable of wireless charging. The device itself has a large capacity so you will get around 4 full charges from your mobile phone. One of the big draws of this product is its wireless charging, which works very effectively. I was expecting to have to mess around a lot getting my Samsung S6 into position, but I literally placed it on the battery and it started receiving power.

There is a small screen which shows how much battery is left which comes in really handy and gives a better idea of how much is left rather than just shaking the thing like most other portable batteries.

The build quality is really good. The battery itself feels solid and well made and isn’t too large or heavy so it remains pretty portable. There is also a small light on the top of the battery which comes in handy if its dark and you’re struggling to see the charging port on your phone!

A great portable charger. It costs more than others of this spec, but thats because of the additional wireless charging feature.

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Review: Svinz Ultra Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers


Wow, this is one beast of a portable speaker. It’s extremely rugged and feels very well made. I was surprised by how well the charging port and aux were covered up, with the flap feeling very solid and staying in place. The entire thing feels like it could survive a beating, so it’s pretty much the perfect companion for those who enjoy the outdoors.

You’ve got all the buttons on the speaker that you’ll need to control your music and also handle calls. The device charges using a MicroUSB cable which is a nice feature as it means you won’t have to worry as much if the included cable is lost or broken considering most people have a few of these cables kicking about.

At first I thought the strap was going to be a leather type material, but after opening up the speaker and handling it I found out it was a strong rubber. This is pretty handy as it makes keeping it clean easy and it also feels as durable as the speaker.

Sound quality is fantastic considering the size of the speaker. It was loud and didn’t distort at louder volumes, giving a great audio range. My bluetooth connection remained consistent and didn’t drop out even when I left the room.

Definitely a worthwhile companion if you’re going camping or hiking anytime soon, or if you just want a small speaker for the shower.

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Manufacture Description

Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
Ultra-optimized version of Bluetooth that consumes less energy and delivers crystal clear sound. Pairs with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Strong Inner Bass Design
Outfitted with 3W driver and passive bass radiator provide strong and high-quality audio reproduction. With clear treble in an unparalleled pitch range.

Doubles As a Shower Speaker
Listen to your favourite tunes while showering and still be able to control all the functions without having to step out of the shower.

Fashion Rock Solid Design 
Comfortable feeling with soft rubber covering. Durable aluminum speaker mesh lasts long. The well-structured rock solid design can prevent considerable damage and ensure non-stop music playing.

Experience Your Tunes In High Definition
Features a large speaker cavity for excellent sound, this tiny but powerful speaker can fill any room with rich audio and clear and crisp music.

Worry-Free Warranty
At SVINZ, we believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with an 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

What You Get
1 x Svinz SBT007 Bluetooth Speaker
1 x USB Power Cable
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Lanyard
1 x User Guide

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Review: GoTron Latest Bluetooth V3.0 5W Stereo Speaker

GoTron Latest Bluetooth V3.0 5W Stereo Speaker Review


A great little speaker. It looks great, with a rubberised surround that makes it easy to grip when wet, and the plastic aqua frame looks great. It has all the buttons you need to control your music which means you won’t ever be reaching for your phone which is always a bonus. The suction cup on the back of this is very strong, and the speaker remained solidly fastened wherever I stuck it. Also, the fact that it uses MicroUSB for charging is great as it means you’ve probably got spare charging cables scattered about.

The sound quality is really good, especially when you consider the size of the speaker. Once I hooked it up inside the cubicle of my shower I was pretty blown away by the volume and quality it could output. It’s definitely something that you could just carry around the house and stick onto a surface while cleaning etc.

The device is very portable. It’s lightweight and also comes with a clip so you can fasten it to a belt or bag making it ideal for camping. Charge time I got around 4 hours which is pretty good.

All in all this is a pretty good speaker which serves a fair few purposes. Definitely worth checking out.

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Manufacture Description

Bluetooth 3.0
Playback time: 4-6 hours
Charging time: 3 hours
Battery: 3.7V/500 MAH
Connection range: up to 30 feet
Frequency Response: 120Hz-22 KHz

1. Great for Outdoors and Shower
The silicone cases and interface design ensure Shockproof, Dustproof Waterproof, level up to IP65, can be used under harsh environment (such as, outdoor and shower)

2. Enjoy Crystal Clear Sound
Support A2DP and it’s 5W speaker, so give you much better quality stereo experience (Just as the picture show that most of the popular Waterproof speaker just have 3W speaker)
3. Free Your Hands
No matter enjoy bathroom or outdoors time, the double built-in MIC and hands-free function can let you enjoy wonderful music without the hassle of long cable and set free your hand from answering a call

4. Impressive & Friendly Design
-Detachable suction and Aluminum alloy metal hook offer you convenience to hang and attach it to anywhere you want.
-After 15 minutes without any operation since you powered on, the product will shut down automatically.

5. For Every Place, For Every Devices.
-You can use this item at home, office, car, outdoors etc.
-It supports any Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy/Note/tablet, HTC and so on), PDA, tablet PC, iPad, Mac Air, MP3 players, PCs, laptops, etc.

What is included:
1xMini Speaker
1x Camping Snap Hook
1x USB charge cable 50cm
1x Suction cup
1x User Manual


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Review: GoTron Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker

Review: GoTron Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Shower Speaker


This is a nice little compact speaker that also packs a good bit of sound. It’s nothing mind blowing, but it’s perfect if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a bit of music or radio in the shower. It also handles calls, so if you’re always on the phone you won’t need to worry about water damaging your phone! Pretty handy, although the noise of the shower could be a little off putting to the person on the other end of the line.

Design wise this is a nice speaker. It’s pretty minimal, small, and feels durable enough that if it fell it wouldn’t just smash. On the top you have all the controls you need to switch tracks, change volume, or handle calls. The charger isn’t microUSB which is a bit of a shame as it means if the included charger is lost or broken then you’ll be a little stuck. I also found that the suction cup on the back wasn’t the most reliable and the speaker would often slide down the shower.

For the price you can’t go wrong. It’s a nice bit of kit and does as advertised. A worthwhile purchase if you just want something that you can listen to when in the shower.

Manufacture Description

Sing Like Never Before
For those that like to sing a cappella in the shower, now you can invite the whole band. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a wireless speaker with superior audio playback. Easy pairing means it’s simple to connect to a wide range of Bluetooth audio devices. With a water resistant casing and extra strong suction cap, this speaker can be enjoyed in the shower, bathtub, beach, or boat.

No More Call Waiting
For those that double their phone as a music player, the speaker won’t stop you from answering calls. Rather than drown out a ringing phone, you will be greeted with an incoming call announcement. If you’re relaxing in the bath or had a dip in the pool and are too wet to answer, the built in microphone allows you to chat without getting your phone wet.

Water Resistant
While commonly used in wet areas, you will find that the silica suction cap can stick to almost any flat surface – wet or dry. As a water resistant speaker with an IPx4 rating, it is protected from small amounts of splashing water. Try it next time you’re in the shower or take it with you on your next fishing trip.

Connect and Enjoy
No wires, cables, installations, or a bulky unit, the Bluetooth Shower Speaker is small, wireless, and ready to go. Hit the pairing button and instantly connect to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, MP3’s and MP4’s. Wireless music is just a tap away.

Package Listing
1 x SEGURO Bluetooth Shower Speaker
1 x USB to DC Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

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Review: Lecxci AC Universal World Travel Adaptor with 2 USB Ports

Lecxci Travel Charger Review


Ok, so where to start with this product? It’s the perfect companion for so many purposes. If you have multiple gadgets, then you’ve got two USB’s, and you also still retain a plug! I took mine away with me for work, and the hotel had a limited amount of plugs. With this I was able to plug my iPhone and Apple watch in via the two USB ports, and also plug my tablets mains adapter directly into the unit. All of my devices charged without any issues.
Next up, you’ve got the car charging adapter so you can use this while in the car. Again, this gives you multiple ways to charge different devices, and is very welcome if you’re on the road a lot.

If you’re traveling to different countries then you’ve also got multiple plug pins built in. Just chose which one you’re going to need, push the small slider on either side of the device and bam, you’re ready to plug in and go. This is so handy as it means you won’t need multiple chargers or pieces. It’s all just in one unit!

The unit itself feels durable and well made, and considering how many parts are inside, it feels very solid.

I really can’t praise this thing highly enough, it really is an awesome bit of kit. If you’re traveling around a lot, needing multiple sources to charge your gadgets, then look no further!


  • Advantages: Travel adapter with US Standard, Australia Standard, Europe Standard, UK Standard and car charger, a good choice for your travel.
  • Solve all major problems of universal travel adapter. Compactness, Smaller Size, More powerful compatibility and security, simpler operation and user-friendly design.
  • Lightweight and compact design. Combo of power strip and USB charger, reducing mess and clutter caused by too many chargers and devices, slim and lightweight, convenient design for home, office and travel, It is your ideal solution for travel power supply.
  • Compatibility: 110V or 220-240v / 1500w (Max) Work in: USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Australian, New Zealand, Argentina, Hong Kong, UK, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Republic of Korea and so on. Compatible with South Africa Standard products, but NOT work in such as: South Africa, some area of India, Russia.

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Review: Avantek iPad Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

Avantek iPad Pro Keyboard


  • Connects perfectly to your iPad Pro via the Bluetooth 3.0 technology; super-thin (only 8mm) and lightweight for easy portability during travel
  • Standard Mac keyboard layout with larger keys for a more relaxed typing experience
  • Unique slot-in hinge securely attaches your iPad Pro in place; just clip it on and you’re ready to use
  • 130-degree adjustable tilting angle allows for a more comfortable viewing experience
  • Built-in magnets for auto wake-up and sleep; instantly wake up your iPad Pro when you open it and your iPad Pro goes into the sleep mode when you close it


This case is very nice, adding some real functionality to the iPad Pro. The keyboard is a great size, and the keys feel fantastic to use, with a good level of response. They felt well spaced, with no cramping unlike other tablet keyboards I’ve used in the past.

The only thing that would have made the laptop experience feel better is if this had a trackpad and Apple finally supported a mouse in iOS. Why they don’t is beyond me. I get that they want people to interact with the touch screen, but when we have a device this size it could really benefit from mouse input! Oh well, maybe in the future?

The keyboard case feels robust, and has a good amount of weight to it which helps to balance the iPad Pro. I was able to use this comfortably on my lap without it constantly falling over.

The hinge has rubber lining on the inside of it to clamp the iPad in place. At first it felt a little tight getting the iPad into place, but it also meant it didn’t budge when slotted in. This is handy as I was able to lift the iPad and keyboard without it ever slipping out. The rubber is also handy as it will prevent the edges of the iPad from getting marked by metal.

When closed, the entire thing fits snuggly, with the entire screen protected.

This case really helps to convert the iPad Pro into a mini laptop at a fraction of the cost of the Apple keyboard. Granted, it’s not quite as easy to switch into tablet mode, but I’m sure once the rubber loosens a little that will become quicker. I’m really impressed by this!

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Review: Apple Watch Band with Protect Case(42MM), Bandmax Women/Men Black Gun Plated Strap

I have the Apple Watch Sports Edition, and it looks great already, but I was pretty excited about adding different bands to the device. The first that I got to try is this one, and all I can say is wow. It changes the watch completely, transforming it into something exceptionally smart looking.

When I popped open the package, I was taken aback by how well presented the entire package is. It comes in a luxurious looking box which is padded inside to keep the band protected. Included, you’ll receive the band, a new surround for your Apple Watch, and a cleaning cloth. Everything is wrapped up to prevent it from scratching.

Once I took the band out I found it very easy to fit, and best of all, the connectors are perfectly sized for the Apple Watch. My main concern was that with this not being made by Apple it would be a slightly wrong fit, but I was wrong with that assumption. Now, I have tiny little wrists so I needed to change the size. Surprisingly this is very easy. There are small buttons within the links, press your nail into the space just above each button and tug the lower link and it will pop out of place, then reconnect the rest of the band. It’s as simple as that, no tools required.

The band looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s smooth and well made and really adds to the overall look of the Apple Watch. I was concerned that the bottom connector for removing the watch band would be too long, but it fits nicely over the bottom of my wrist.

As mentioned above, you also get a metal casing for the surround of the watch. This is pretty handy if you want to either change the colour of your watch, or just add a little more protection.

Is the watch band worth the asking price? Well, compare it to what Apple are charging and yes it is. It is well made, a perfect fit, beautifully presented, and really transforms the Apple Watch into something a little smarter. I’d definitely recommend this product.

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Review: 1byone Apple Watch Charging Stand

It might seem a little odd to have a charging stand for my phone and watch, but when I also noticed the additional USB ports I jumped at the chance to review this product. The stand feels good quality and is relatively light weight. It’s a pretty plain design, glossy metal with the 1 by one logo on the front. On the back there are 2 USB ports for charging additional items and a power in slot.

Getting the Apple Watch charging pad attached is really easy. There’s a slot underneath the stand that opens with a USB port inside. Plug in the cable, loop it around the four prongs and attach the pad in place at the top of the stand. There’s plenty of cable management on this thing so you don’t have to worry about the cable hanging loose and looking out of place.

The iPhone charging section is great. There’s a pad against the stand so you don’t have to worry about scratching your device, but most importantly the stand on which the lightning charger is mounted is flexible, moving back and forth. This is great, meaning if you knock your phone it will just rock forwards rather than risking the lightning port snapping!

Everything looks great and this stand helps me to keep my cabling in order and organised. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who has an iPhone and Apple Watch!

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Review: Fifine Bluetooth Speaker A9

I’m not really sure what I was expecting from this speaker, but at this price point I was not expecting this! Normally around this price you get something small, that distorts at louder volumes and doesn’t have much range, so imagine my surprise when I unboxed this beasty!

The design is pretty plain, but it feels premium and well built. There’s a good bit of weight behind it and everything about it just felt good. Powering on and pairing is an absolute breeze and I was connected within seconds of hitting that power switch.

As soon as I started playing music I was pretty blown away by the quality. Although it is a little lacking in bass the louder you go, the range was fantastic, even at full volume. It easily fills a decent sized room and it doesn’t distort at louder volumes. Compared to anything else I’ve been sent, even higher priced speakers, this is the king! The sound quality is just awesome.

The ports on the back are all welcome ones. We have a memory card slot, aux in, and USB. Basically this covers every form of connection you could require. On the front there is a microphone button that allows you to handle calls through the speaker, and on top we have the usual play, pause, fast forward, rewind, and volume up and down.

The speaker is shown with the little leather strap handle. For those who aren’t a fan you can easily remove this by unscrewing the bolts on the side. It’s really easy to do and allows for that little bit of customisation.

Seriously, for this price the speaker is just superb. I’d definitely recommend this as you won’t find better unless you slash a fair bit more cash!

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Review: Garmin Vivosmart HR

• Great design
• Fantastic battery life
• Always on display doesn’t drain the battery
• Waterproof
• Comfortable to wear

• Unpredictable software
• Poor stair counting accuracy
• Limited insights into stats


I’ve been using the Garmin Vivosmart HR for a couple of months now, and all in all I’m left with mixed opinions. The design and hardware are pretty much unbeatable at this price point, it’s a great design, comfortable to wear, and includes almost everything you could need. It’s just a shame that the software side of things is a polar opposite.


As mentioned above, the hardware is great. It’s a very comfortable fitness band to wear, lightweight and relatively compact. The screen is always on, which means it can quite easily double up as your main watch, and the touch function works very well, letting users glance at their stats on the fly.

Double up with the fact that this thing is waterproof, rather than water resistant, then you’ve got yourself a winner. I really cannot, fault the hardware here, it’s the best I’ve used at this price point. The only thing it lacks is GPS, but really I can’t complain.

Despite having an always on display and 24-hour heart rate monitor, I consistently got between 5 and 7 days of battery life which is the most I’ve had from any fitness band or smart watch. This is a huge advantage as it meant my band just kept on going.

The sensors on the Vivosmart all seem reliable. My steps were always counted and my heart rate matched what I expected, averaging out to what I recorded on other devices. The only thing that seemed completely off was stairs! The VIvosmart very rarely records stairs climbed which is really disappointing.


Now here’s where the whole package comes undone. The application you can download to your phone is just downright unreliable. For some reason the entire thing relies on having access to Garmin’s servers, server which spend a lot of time not working. I’ve gone days at a a time with Garmin’s servers being down, which meant I couldn’t sync my watch up with the app and view my stats. This is a huge let down.

Apart from it’s unreliability the app and dashboard is pretty lacking. It’s very pretty and well designed, clearly focusing on touch input, but it doesn’t really do much with your stats. They just kind of sit there and let you figure out what it all means. Coming from the Microsoft band, this is a huge letdown. Microsoft Health shows off where you are performing vs others in your age and fitness bracket, giving you advice on how to improve certain statistics, Garmin however does nothing like this.

It’s not all doom and gloom with their software. As mentioned, it looks good and is easy to interact with. Also I love how it sets you goals depending on your current performance, keeping them realistic. If you’re struggling to hit 10k steps every day, the software will adjust your goal and gradually build up to something, keeping it achievable for the user. You can also override this and set your own objectives.


As I mentioned at the start, this is a real mixed bag. The hardware is amazing, and I found myself wishing that I could link this up with either Microsoft Health or the Fitbit app. Both company’s have interfaces and software that absolutely destroy Garmin’s, and that’s a real shame as Garmin has fantastic hardware in this product.

The sheer fact that Garmin’s servers seem unreliable is a clear indicator that they shouldn’t go for a cloud based approach, but they have, and that means there’s a huge risk your device will spend time offline. As I mentioned, there were more than a few occasions where my device spent three days at a time no longer working with the software due to this issue.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if the software worked properly, but it doesn’t, so I’d really recommend you look at something else. There are better packages out there for you. I myself have chosen to go for the Fitbit Charge HR, and so far I’m loving it!

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Review: Bluetooth Transmitter, Syllable E3 A2DP

Ok, this is one of those devices that you don’t realise you need until you have it. When I was offered it for review I thought I’d give it a go, but I didn’t really know how I’d use it. To be honest, I expected the box to be large, but it’s absolutely tiny and also has a built in battery, making it portable.

The biggest use I’ve found for mine is pairing up my Nintendo 2DS with a pair of bluetooth headphones. It works perfectly. Literally plug it into the headphone jack on the 2DS, fire up your bluetooth headphones and start playing. It really is simple.

I wondered how hard it would be to pair this device with bluetooth headphones but found it to be extremely simple. All you need to do is turn it on and then turn your headphones on. One thing to consider is you must make sure your headphones aren’t paired with anything else otherwise the device will not pair up.

This is an awesome little device, well made, compact, and portable. The audio is clear and lag free, and I’m already surprised by how much I’ve used it. A very handy little gadget indeed!

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Review: Cover-Up #WoodBack Real Wood Skin for MacBook Pro 13″ Retina

Normally I don’t do skins. Not for phones, tablets, and definitely not my Macbook Pro. However, when I was offered the chance to review this one I decided to give it a try. The idea looked interesting.

The first thing that struck me was just how high quality this skin felt. I was expecting some kind of wood affect, or wood patter, but what I actually got was a real piece of wood! This thing feels really, really nice! It doesn’t just add style, but it adds a pretty thick layer to the lid of your mac which will help prevent scratching and damage.

I was expecting that something like this would really look pretty terrible and cheap when applied, but I couldn’t have been any more wrong. The skin fits perfectly, with small cuts that allow the skin to flex around the corners. The skin adds a look that leaves the macbook looking absolutely stunning.

The wood itself feels very smooth, while at the same time still offers enough grip that the macbook won’t slip from your hand.

Fitting the skin is extremely easy. First up, line it up and make sure it fits with your macbook’s lid, then, peal off the adhesive strip and place it on the mac. Once you’re satisfied with its position, give it a good rub and make sure it’s stuck in place. I had my skin fitted in under a minute and it looks great.

As I’ve said above, I didn’t expect much from this, but I’m glad I decided to give it a go. It really adds a new and unique look to my Macbook and is well worth the price.

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Review: KVAGO for iPad Air 2 Case with Keyboard

This is a very neat and compact keyboard case that transforms your iPad Air 2 into a mini Macbook. I was very impressed with how nice this case was, with a premium feel and fantastic keyboard.

The keys are well spaced and very easy to use, despite this being relatively compact. I was able to type comfortably, and unlike with other bluetooth keyboards, there were no incorrect keypresses or missed keys. The connectivity is strong, and the keyboard kept on going, remaining reliable throughout my usage. The addition of having backlit keys is also very welcome, adding to the overall usability of this keyboard.

The one downside with this case is that it becomes very top heavy. It’s fine when using it on a desk, or when you are seated with your legs completely flat, but if you move slightly, or if you’re in a less than perfect position, the case tends to tip over. I expected this almost straight away, feeling how light the base feels, but it would have been nice if the keyboard could have been a little heavier to help prevent this.

Protection wise, this case feels pretty durable. It offers sturdy protection and I feel this would be a great case to pair up with anyone who needs to be more productive on the go while also protecting their device from damage. I quite happily popped my iPad in my bag with this case on, not needing to worry about the screen.

To sum up, you can’t really beat this case in this price bracket. I’ve used plenty of keyboard cases before, but at this price range you won’t find much better. It’s durable, functional, and the keyboard layout and design is fantastic.