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Review: Wireless Headphones SmartOmi Boots Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 4.1 with Mic

Wireless Headphones SmartOmi Boots Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 4.1 with Mic


I was pretty skeptical of these little headphones when I was offered the chance to review them. After seeing so much about other similar products from a well known company, I didn’t really think that this sort of design would be a good idea. My biggest concern was that they would fall out easily, and soon get lost.

They are oddly comfortable, and seem to stay in my ears much better than expected. The ever so slight angle to the design means that the top edge nestles just under the top of my ear, securing itself. I used these a fair bit while doing house work, and moving a lot of stuff around, and at no point did either one of the buds fall out. I don’t know if its because normal headphones normally have a cable that tugs, but these felt much more secure than any other in ear headphones I’ve used before.

The two buds are very small and come with a charging cradle. To pair them up, you push and hold the power button on one of the buds, search for it in your bluetooth settings, then pair up. Once paired, power on the second bud, and they then communicate together. When you power down one, the other also shuts down! Sadly, they don’t do the same when powering on, but that isn’t a huge deal.

Sound quality is really good considering their small quality. Music came out loud and crisp, and I never felt the need to go about half volume. Anything louder would have just been uncomfortable.

At the time of writing they are retailing for £70 and I believe this is pretty reasonable.

Manufacture Description:

  • ✔ FULLY WIRELESS EARBUDS DESIGN − Eliminate stethoscope effect of all wired headphones and noise reducing. Enjoy rich sound from bass to treble. Great for calling in car, navigation, fishing and travel.
  • ✔ SWEATPROOF − This completely wireless earphones are withstand dripping sweat, no any affect running, jogging, hiking, biking, gym or other workout.
  • ✔ SIRI AND GOOGLE NOW WITH ONE TOUCH − Quickly press the main button twice on the buttom of master earphones for starup, hand free to control your mobile phone.
  • ✔ QUITE SIMPLY PAIRING − Just open one earbud to connect your device, then open the another one, all connected. Single or both as you like.
  • ✔ 5 HOURS CONTINUOUS TALK OR MUSIC TIME − Longest Battery life among Similar small earbuds, 200 hours of standby, also fit for people who wear glasses.

Check it out here: Amazon UK

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