Apple announces October 16th event

Apple announces October 16th event 

Well it looks like the time for the latest announcements from Apple are fast approaching! So what can we expect? Well it’s that time of year when the iPad’s seem to get their refresh. I feel it is a safe assumption that we will see a new iPad Mini and iPad Air wielding touch ID […]

CES 2014 

So CES is just around the corner and I must admit I’m intrigued to see what this years show has to offer. I’m sure we will see a whole range of wearable tech being shown off with manufacturers battling to be the first to get this right. So far no one has really brought a […]

Technology Got Stuck 

I can’t help but shake the feeling that right now technology feels stuck in the novelty and experimental stage. Progression seems to be mixed with different companies and industries experimenting with all sorts. Where will a product line end up? Let’s take tablets and netbooks, hell, even laptops as an example. Apple undoubtedly managed to […]

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