Blackberry Q10 Hands On

Blackberry Q10 Hands On 

So I’ve decided to give the Blackberry Q10 a test drive. I’ve always found Blackberry’s newest operating system to be quite intriguing and I’m not sure why. I guess it just looks clean and it also has some pretty intuitive stuff on there. I’ll post a full review shortly but my first impressions are mixed. […]

Xperia Z1 Review 

Introduction The Xperia Z1, Sony’s latest flagship, is an amazing bit of kit. The specs are formidable and the build quality is fantastic. So what does this all add up to in real world use? Look and Feel As I mentioned above the Xperia Z1 is a wonderfully built piece of kit. It feels premium to hold. It’s a […]

Wearable Tech 

So wearable tech seems to be all the rage right now. We have Google Glass just around the corner and wrist watches that pair up with our smartphones. Despite the torrent of new devices flooding the market I’m yet to be blown away by any. There’s a few nice little devices I’ve played with. I’m […]

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