Ginger Beard Test Drive (The Quest For An Epic Beard)

Ginger Beard Test Drive (The Quest For An Epic Beard)

Every man, at some point in their life, embarks upon the quest to grow an epic beard. They have dreams of something amazing, a long, drooping, dark tangle of hair that could rival a wizards, but the reality is often a ginger mess. Now, that’s where Ginger Beard Co comes in.

Ginger Beard Co is a new company on the market who truly understand beards and the novelty that goes along with them. They offer a range of products, including beard oils, clothing, and beard maintenance equipment. It’s worth checking out their website for more information:

I’ve recently been given some of their fantastic smelling beard oils to try out, giving me the perfect excuse to grow my own epic ginger beard! Join me as I embark upon a quest unlike any before, to unite the world under one fantastic beard, with three vials of scented beard oils by my side.

Of course there will be perils. The risk of divorce is relatively high, which could leave me cold and homeless. However, if my beard grows as I hope it will, it will help to keep me warm on those cold nights sleeping on the street. Besides, with a fiery ginger beard covered in Ginger Beard Co’s oils I’ll be irresistible!

I’ll be updating this post as I go, including some random pictures of my very own ginger beard, but also my reviews on the different oils I have been kindly given by Ginger Beard Co!

Week 1

The beard is strong with this one! Although my beard resembles a scraggly mess, I’m relatively happy with it so far. The journey so far has been perilous, and sleeping outside in the garden is getting rather cold! But I’ve at least got my little vials of Ginger Beard oils!

I’m not sure what I expected from the oils. In my head I imagined some horrible greasy fluid that would leave my fingers greasy after every beard touch. I’m more than happy to report that this stuff soaks in beautifully! My beard looks neater, and smells great! Within minutes it feels like there is nothing on my beard which is great as I’ve heard about other oils that just leave people feeling greasy all day.

After first applying the oil my wife asked if I had trimmed the mess on my face. She was mistaken! My beard was the same length, and my masculinity was still intact, all that had happened was the beard oils had neatened up the bush growing on my face. It’s pretty great how smart my facial hair looks after applying the oils.

So that’s week one! I’m moving on into the next stage of my quest.

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