News: Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Reveal

News: Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Reveal 

So there’s finally a little gameplay for Pokemon Sun and Moon that’s been revealed. We’ve had a glimpse at the three starters as well as the new region, Alola! So, we have the following: Rowlet, a grass/flying type owl creature, Litten, a fire-type kitten, and Popplio, a water-type seal-clown hybrid (which terrifies me!).   And […]

Zelda A Link Between Two Worlds Review

Zelda A Link Between Two Worlds Review 

Introduction Zelda A Link Between Two Worlds is a pretty neat little game with a very interesting mechanic behind it. I’ve never really been able to get into any Zelda games and I’ll admit my 3DS was purchased purely to play the new Pokemon game on, so imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying […]

Zelda A Link Between Two Worlds Impressions

Zelda A Link Between Two Worlds Impressions 

I’ll admit, I’ve never really gotten along with Zelda games. I attempted to give it a go on the N64 when it first came out and I enjoyed it a little but it wasn’t one of my favourites. My 3DS has been a little neglected, growing unloved now I don’t sink much time into Pokemon […]

My Top Five Games 2013 

Below is a list of my top five favourite games that I played in 2013. Some of them really aren’t very conventional but I enjoyed all of them. There are links in each of the headings for more information on the games. Enjoy.  1: Tomb Raider  Before playing the latest Tomb Raider my commitment to […]

My Top 10 Gadgets 2013 

Below is a list of my top 10 favourite gadgets that I used throughout 2013. I got to play with a whole load of different toys and enjoyed most of those. Check out my thoughts below and click the links for more details in Amazon. 1: Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch    Recently I took […]

3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Impressions 

I picked up the circle pad pro after reading some positive reviews and must admit I’m pleasantly surprised by it. One issue I have found with handheld consoles is that they just feel a bit cramped when playing. My fingers get sore after a long play through and the whole experience is uncomfortable. The biggest […]

Pokemon Y First Impressions 

When I decided to give the Pokemon franchise another go my expectations weren’t particularly high. I remember the days of playing Pokemon Blue and how much fun that was, nothing would compare to that. So with that in mind I powered on the latest instalment, wary that any of the newer Pokemon games id played […]

Pokemon has arrived 

Ahh childhood memories. It’s been a while since I’ve played a Pokemon game properly but I think I’m about to lose a whole chunk of my time. Whoever else has a copy, what starter did you go with?

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